Merge and rebranding of KWP INSIDE HR and TalentChamp to EMPLEOX

HR specialists will operate as a joint company in the future

The HR specialist firms of the All for One Group SE, KWP INSIDE HR and TalentChamp, are now one company and will address the market under the commen brand Empleox going forward.

Since both companies have already collaborated closely before, this consolidation primarily means a simplification for customers and a better profile on the market. "With the new brand, we clearly show what we stand for: working with our customers to design the best employee experience for their employees and thus turning HR into a competitive advantage", says Kai Göttmann, spokesman and one of the three managing directors at Empleox (together with Michael Plößer and TalentChamp founder Christoph Gerhold).

In the course of this new branding, the separate subsidiary of KWP INSIDE HR GmbH, KWP Professional Services GmbH, was also renamed. The provider of HR outsourcing services is now called Empleox BPO GmbH but will continue to operate independently as a wholly owned subsidiary of Empleox GmbH. The Empleox Group, with its headquarters in Heilbronn (Empleox GmbH), Vienna (Empleox Austria GmbH) and Hamburg (Empleox BPO GmbH), employs over 240 people, the vast majority of whom are HR and IT experts. The active customer base amounts to more than 800 companies, mostly from the upper mid-market, across all industries. This makes the group one of the leading providers of HR digitization and transformation services in German-speaking countries.

Customers get everything they need for an attractive, digitized employee experience from a single source, from consulting to software and outsourcing to support. The solution portfolio includes recruiting, HR development, HR management, strategy and transformation consulting, and a range of IT services for HR. In addition to the main business with implementation projects of SAP HCM, SuccessFactors or Concur with the self-developed, innovative implementation method "Ready-to-use", this includes, for example, integration services, in-house developments or application service.

This is primarily a legal consolidation - there are no changes at the operational level, all locations and divisions remain unchanged.

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