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Customer project in focus: Röhm

From carve-out to own global HR IT landscape

Carve-out as an opportunity - how Röhm completely reorganized its HR processes with SAP SuccessFactors and EMPLEOX's ready-to-use method.

Röhm modernizes its HR work with SAP SuccessFactors

Röhm saw the carve-out as a fresh start and an opportunity to create a new, global HR IT landscape. The SAP SuccessFactors Suite maps the complete Employee Life Cycle and enabled Röhm not only to rebuild its HR operations both operationally and strategically, but also to modernize, automate and digitize them at the same time. More in the video!

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There is more to success than data and IT

Röhm's recipe for success consisted of smart project and change management coupled with EMPLEOX's smart ready-to-use method.

The focus was on process-oriented HR IT implementation based on core HR topics:

Thanks to EMPLEOX's proven ready-to-use method, the implementation was based on preconfigured best-practice processes. Cost efficiency without compromising on content!

The result: More attractive and faster standard processes such as recruiting and performance evaluation as well as new topics such as career planning, HR analytics, complex target agreement systems and fairness calibration of evaluations, etc.

Plus: Streamlined administration for HR managers as well as greater autonomy and personal responsibility for managers and employees through the introduction of manager and employee self-services.

The icing on the cake: The implementation project received the SAP Quality Award!

Our new HR IT system has made many processes simpler, more automated and more transparent. This is also very well received by our employees.

Susan Beissmann, Head of Global HR Processes, Röhm GmbH

Best Practices & User Acceptance - Pillars of the Ready-to-use Methodology

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Software Subscription

EMPLEOX's ready-to-use services already include the user licenses for the SAP SuccessFactors cloud software. You receive professional hosting in accordance with European data protection guidelines. This means you no longer have to worry about ongoing operations and technical support. You have sovereignty over your data, but SAP takes care of the day-to-day IT operations for your HR software with a data center in Germany. SAP SuccessFactors provides you with quarterly product enhancements and updates. This means your new application is always up to date.
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Rapid implementation

EMPLEOX implements SAP SuccessFactors modules quickly and cost-effectively based on a clearly defined scope of services and functions. Thanks to preconfigured functionalities based on best practices from the German-speaking market, you will see a functional application already in the first on-site workshop. Thanks to our tried-and-tested implementation methodology, a module is already fully operational after an average of 12 weeks.
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User Adoption and Support

After successful implementation, you are of course not on your own. To ensure sustainable user acceptance and to continuously improve your solution, EMPLEOX offers you ongoing services. Together with you we develop well thought-out concepts that relieve you operationally. During the term of your software subscription, we are proactively available to you with our support measures and we coach you on the quarterly release updates. In this way, you benefit from innovations on an ongoing basis.

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