Bringing together interests, knowledge and employees

Tandemploy: Talent Marketplace for a learning and agile organization

Companies often don't know what they really know. After all, their own employees have much more know-how and expertise than companies are aware of. It's worth taking an inward look. What are our employees capable of doing? What do they know and what do they actually want? And where can we put these skills to good use? You can find answers to these questions with the cloud-based Tandemploy software.

This is how it works

How Tandemploy works

The Tandemploy software asks for the talents and wishes of your employees. Quickly, easily and intuitively. In this way, unused skills and hidden potential of your employees are uncovered and bundled in an internal "talent marketplace". If new tasks, project work or coaching (e.g. mentoring programs) are pending, this marketplace can be used to find suitable employees quickly and easily. And it also works the other way around: employees can proactively find suitable offers that match their wishes and skills.

But also in the area of Human resources development Tandemploy brings many advantages: Your employees' interests, ideas and talents are promoted, careers are pushed forward and satisfaction is increased. A win-win situation for employees and companies.

1. specify interests

Employees register on the platform and are first asked about their career aspirations and (learning) interests.

2. generation of profiles

Based on this information, a profile (anonymized if desired) is automatically generated, which forms the basis for good matching.

3. matching

The smart Tandemploy matching then automatically suggests suitable colleagues for projects, mentoring programs, etc.. At the same time, employees can proactively search for suitable offers and projects.

4. contact

The first contact is made via the platform. Employees can contact each other directly without any detours.



New collaborative working in a networked organization

Tandemploy offers many advantages for employees, the management level, but also for the HR department. At the same time, it paves the way for cultural change and digitalization in the company.

Match employees & projects

Quickly find suitable employees / colleagues based on skills and interests, thanks to matching and efficient search function.

Network more agilely

Opening up silo structures and work models for the digital age. Employees get to know and appreciate networked working through new experiences.

Employees in the lead

Talent Marketplace is controlled by the employees themselves. The software is based on the employees' self-assessment and their own perspective. At the same time, this means a reduction in the workload of HR and managers.

Feedback for more success

After completion of a project, a mentoring phase etc., there is the possibility to give anonymous feedback. Through these feedback loops, matches and success rate can be measured.

Better employee experience

Getting to know the experiences, wishes and feelings of employees leads to an increase in satisfaction.

Intuitive & easy to use

Easy to use thanks to intuitive and playful interface - for all generations in the company.

There is no vaccination against the changes that our (working) world is facing. Companies must strengthen their immune system from the inside out.

Anna Kaiser & Jana Tepe, Founders & Managing Directors of Tandemploy

Areas of application

Areas of application of Tandemploy

Tandemploy connects your company with your use cases. Smart algorithms match employees for all types of "new work" and collaboration forms:

  • Projects
  • Job sharing
  • Short assignments
  • Mentoring
  • Lunch Dates
  • Finding Know-how
  • Skill Analyser
  • Initiatives
  • Onboarding
  • Generation Exchange
  • Job Shadowing
  • Job Matching
  • Peer Learning
  • Event Matching
  • Working Circles

tandemploy screenshot

With Tandemploy, you take a big step towards the future: Open up classic hierarchical structures in the direction of a more networked organization. Flexible forms of work and (new) forms of collaboration ensure lively knowledge transfer, more innovative strength and greater competitiveness. Starting from a company size of approx. 600 employees.


Services & Price

Tandemploy - Services & Price

What services are included?

You receive a full-service package: from configuration and customization to project management. The package also includes support for essential internal communication with your employees and change management.

In addition, Tandemploy is directly integrated into SAP SuccessFactors. The profile data of your employees from SAP SuccessFactors is transferred to Tandemploy. Additional information such as skills, learning interests, completed projects, etc. is requested and stored in Tandemploy. This data flows back into SAP SuccessFactors. Thanks to this cycle, mutual enrichment of employee profile data takes place.

SAP SuccessFactors is a modern, cloud-based human resources management software designed to meet employee needs, support their ways of working, and boost their motivation. With SAP SuccessFactors Learning you take a big step toward the future. Because companies with a learning and development culture are one step ahead. With SAP SuccessFactors Learning, you can manage employee learning, optimize training costs, and improve business performance.

What will it cost us?

Pricing depends on how large your company is and how you want to design your individual talent marketplace. In addition to a setup fee, an annual service fee is charged that takes into account the number of employees and the modules selected. In order to provide you with a price quote tailored to your needs, please feel free to contact us.


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