IncaMail HR documents like payslips mailed electronically, encrypted and safe

An important step towards a digital and efficient HR environment

Digital personnel file from aconso

The digital personnel file from aconso is the counterpart to the classic paper file. Thanks to software support, you can manage your personnel documents in digital form more easily and clearly. The digital personnel file is optimally adapted to the requirements of an HR department and offers many advantages.
IncaMail HR documents like payslips mailed electronically, encrypted and safe


Advantages at a glance:

Saving time & costs

Save up to 50% of labor and 20% of printing and personnel costs

Easy access from anywhere

Location-independent, simultaneous access & same level of information for all employees

Modern user interface

Easier and more comfortable work thanks to modern look and feel

Fast & easy integration

Can be used with both SAP ERP HCM and SAP SuccessFactors

High data security & data protection

Compliance with German standards & role-based access rights according to EU-DSGVO

The HR solutions from aconso have helped us to reduce the flood of paper. Instead of mountains of files, we can now deal with the people behind them

Manuela Piehl Head of Human Resources, Vivantes
IncaMail HR documents like payslips mailed electronically, encrypted and safe

Digital personnel file


Quick, easy access to documents
Searching for documents is made much easier with the Digital Personnel File. Thanks to a search function, you can quickly and easily search for and access document types and registers - regardless of location, mobile and simultaneously.

Intelligent display of employee files
With the eFile, you can display employee files based on the situation and context. For example, before a feedback meeting with an employee, the logs of past appointments are automatically displayed.

Digitize personnel files thanks to Scan Services
As part of the implementation of a Digital Personnel File, your paper files are digitized. You can scan in documents that will later become part of your daily work yourself. These are then automatically stored in the eFile. If you wish, aconso can also take over your daily scanning.

Safe with data protection & compliance
Your employee data is safe in the eFile! Access is secured with 2-factor authentication and SSL encryption. In addition, access is based on a special authorization and role concept. Thanks to audit trails and documentation, changes to the file can be traced, thus ensuring audit compliance.

Rights management & access controls
Thanks to configurable rights management, you can control access rights in a targeted manner and assign them to the relevant employees. Of course, the rights management can be transferred from your HCM. Temporary access for specific employees is also possible.

Compatible with SAP HCM and SAP SuccessFactors
Thanks to the comprehensive integration of the aconso solution, you can not only work in SAP HCMbut also directly in SAP SuccessFactors access to the digital personnel file. HR documents are automatically created and immediately stored in the corresponding electronic personnel file.

The features of the Digital Personnel File

The Digital Personnel File includes the following components:

  • Customizable tab structure
  • Filing basket with forwarding function
  • Group filing baskets
  • Resubmission for documents
  • Bookmarks and notes on the document
  • Full text search and favorites list for frequently requested files
  • Deletion of documents according to the "dual control principle
  • Temporary file viewing (e.g. for employees and managers) and a reporting function

Manage document volume

The volume of documents is usually very high. Therefore, we recommend using a semi-professional hardware / software solution with barcode capture and automated assignment. Often, existing applications can also be used. The storage of documents requires a filing or archiving system for legally compliant long-term archiving. Existing archiving systems can be used or alternatively the SAP Content Server can be used.

digitale personalakte_personalmanagement_Screen

Fast implementation

The project duration for best practice projects is usually 5 to 10 days.

Automated creation of documents

Are you looking for fast, simple and clear document management? Do you want to automate your contract creation and digitally manage contract changes or amendments? Do you want to create premium letters, bonus letters and other correspondence with digital templates directly from SAP HCM? For all use cases, the Digital Personnel File is the right product!

All our HR staff work with the same standardized system. The drag & drop function of the aconso client is particularly convenient, allowing electronic documents to be easily added to the file.

Sabine Rüffer Project Manager, Lufthansa Global Business Services

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