The innovation of EMPLEOX


The flexible full package for relaxed HR work

Digitalization is not just digitalization

Consistency makes the difference.

If "digitalization" consists of a patchwork of different HR systems, nothing is actually gained. Because then system breaks and interfaces still lead to costly, error-prone and ultimately superfluous manual rework.

So don't do things by halves and go for one HR solution for everything - like One HXM from EMPLEOX.

Digitalization is more than digital data

One HXM is the end-to-end solution for all your HR challenges.

Successful digitalization is not just about storing your HR data digitally. It's about setting up your HR processes in a modern and future-oriented way and supporting them with the best possible HR-IT system. For your competitive advantage in the war for talent.

Close to your needs and at your pace. Because One HXM grows with your requirements.

One HXM - An overview

André Schulte, Senior Director Consulting, about the innovation of EMPLEOX (video in German)

Flexibility is written in capital letters

Everything is possible, nothing is a must.

One HXM is the complete suite for medium-sized businesses. But because not all SMEs are the same, our suite is modular and individually expandable. Thus, all important processes are supported, but you can also implement only a lean basic package for core processes. You can run your payroll with the system yourself, or let EMPLEOX BPO do it for you. You can extend core processes by adding recruiting only or alternatively by adding a complete talent management suite.

Just as you wish and need and according to the motto: Everything is possible, nothing is a must.

But one thing applies firmly to everything: Your HR data from the various HR processes that you want to map with One HXM are interlinked and interlock without any disruptive system breaks.

No interface diversity. No duplicate data maintenance. Simply relaxed HR work.


André Schulte, Senior Director Consulting, EMPLEOX GmbH

Personnel processes - with One HXM

What's all possible (but not mandatory)

For a smooth HR compulsory program

HR core processes

  • Personnel administration
  • Time management
  • Payroll
  • Electronic personnel file One HXM e-File - for a lean document storage

For employee-oriented processes

Talent Management

  • Recruiting, applicant management & career site
  • Target agreements & performance appraisal
  • Salary review & variable compensation
  • Continuing education & lifelong learning
  • Succession planning & personnel development

For more independence & personal responsibility


  • Manager Self-Services
  • Employee Self-Services

Easy operation = High acceptance

A feast for the eyes.

We have created a consistent user experience with web interfaces, some of which were developed in-house. Our interfaces are so intuitive and user-friendly that system navigation and use become child's play. This is not only a plus for the employees in your HR department.

Because with the included self-services you also achieve more independence, personal responsibility and transparency for your managers and employees.

In addition, the system can be accessed from anywhere and allows HR work to be done remotely.

ErgebnisDashboard der Abrechnungssimulation 1798x1012

One HXM Payroll - Payroll Simulation Results Dashboard

Prozessüberblick Geplante Abrechnungsläufe 1798x1012

One HXM Payroll - Process Overview - Scheduled Payroll Runs

One HXM: The technology

What's behind it

One HXM is a fully integrated system based on proven SAP HR products (SAP HCM & SAP SuccessFactors) that we provide and host for you.

And no: Just because it has SAP in it doesn't mean you need SAP cracks in your HR department. Because we take care of things like turn-of-the-year topics, service packs and so on. And simplified interfaces and processes make it uncomplicated for administrators as well.

One HXM is SAP technology made easy.

Our team of experts

The people behind One HXM

The team about the development process and what One HXM is all about. Report about an important workshop in the development history of the product (video in German).

Beate Braunack, Teamlead Time Management, about standardization of time management for One HXM (video in German).

Falco Behrendt, Principal Consultant, about payroll accounting in One HXM (video in German).

Your advantages at a glance

How you benefit

  • One HR system - modular, expandable, flexible
  • Use of SAP solutions without own internal SAP know-how
  • Security & standards without complexity
  • Data access independent of location and end device
  • System provision and hosting by us
  • Proactive and ongoing support as well as further development of the system by our experts
  • Guaranteed system up-to-dateness through regular patches and updates
  • Regular coordination and status calls with a focus on news, trends and customer-specific requirements
  • Support with turn-of-the-year topics
  • Professional, competent hotline incl. ticket system

In addition:

  • Monthly usage fee without a large initial investment
  • Short contract terms
  • Fast availability & short project runtimes thanks to preconfigured processes


Short & compact

THE solution

  • for modern, future-oriented personnel work - without paper & Excel
  • for holistic processes - covering the entire employee lifecycle
  • for a better employee experience - from entry to retirement
  • for relaxed working - with focus on the really important HR topics

The ONE solution for everything.

Downloads for One HXM (in German)



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