Well advised: HR change management with our expertise

Using HR change management in a targeted manner

Changes in HR organizations, HR processes or even the introduction of new ways and forms of working require professional HR change management. The challenge lies above all in the design and positive use of the inevitable. Good ideas and individual solutions are required to convince managers and employees. We accompany you from the beginning and empower you for the implementation process.

Shape change

Why support change management in a targeted manner?

HR projects are often challenging and comprehensive. Part of good project management is to accompany the associated changes with professional HR change management:

  • We determine the need for change with you
  • We work with you to identify the right change managers and the change team
  • We help you to involve the works council at an early stage and to manifest their trust in you
  • We define the project with you - whether classic or agile - and, if desired, also take over the project management
  • We support you in analyzing your corporate culture and integrate it into the conceptual design
  • We plan the appropriate change steps together
In order to sustainably track the results of your change projects, we foster readiness for change and measure the change, we conduct debriefings, Six Sigma analyses, employee surveys and pulse checks.

Managing change always means managing people.

Cornelia Frühwein, Senior Management Consultant, EMPLEOX

Focus on consulting: Change management

Cornelia Frühwein, Senior Manager Strategy, about Change Management Consulting by EMPLEOX (video in German)

How do we proceed?

We as Management Consulting find the best approach for you to accompany your changes in the best possible way.

  • Definition of your HR change management topics, approaches and required resources
  • Creation of the change and transformation concept including required content and processes as well as organizational aspects, methods and tools
  • Testing or piloting of the defined methods and tools to test the assertiveness and prospects of success
  • Adjustment of the measures if necessary
  • Training and coaching of key people involved in the transformation project

The good thing: Everything is possible, nothing is mandatory. We respond individually to your wishes.


Your added value

Your added value with our HR Change Management consulting services

Secure achievement of your change goals

We always keep an eye on your change targets and regularly measure target achievement.

Time and cost conscious

By providing structured support for your HR change project, we help ensure that the project goals are achieved on time and on budget.

Greatest possible acceptance

With targeted communication via various channels, we ensure the greatest possible acceptance among employees and managers.

Employees in view

Together, we shape your change project by involving your employees. True to the motto: "Turning those affected into those involved".

Train the Trainer

We empower your team members to execute change in the future.


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