Well advised: Modern HR organization with our expertise

Rethinking HR organization

Companies can only survive in the long term through continuous development. However, the ability to change dwindles as the size of the company increases. The goal of the further development of your HR organization is to continuously increase the flexibility and efficiency of your organization. Our consulting starts with the organizational and communication structures of your company and looks at the behavior and the necessary learning processes of your employees.

HR reorganized

Why realign the HR organization?

The HR organization often reflects the company itself. To help make the company more competitive, HR structures are also undergoing change.

These points can be triggers for you to change your HR organization:

  • A Process optimization or change is to be implemented and the HR organization does not yet match it
  • The introduction of software with accompanying organizational changes is imminent
  • The introduction of new, organizational structures and processes (HR Shared Services, Competence Center, Agile Organization, HR Business Partner, etc.) is imminent
  • The change from local HR work to global HR work is taking place
  • A new (HR) leader is coming and wants to change structures
  • A general Strategy change of the company influences the HR organization

Further develop HR organization

With these building blocks we help you with our Management Consulting to adapt your HR organization to the changes. Everything is possible, nothing is mandatory. We adapt the contents individually for you:

Design an agile organization

We accompany you in the further development of your HR organization and sensitize you to the influencing factors (organization, processes and culture). We discuss with you the perfect interaction in your organization and point out the optimization potentials.

Develop a learning organization

Lifelong learning is the basis for adaptability. Workplace learning and "nugget learning" are therefore gaining in importance. We support you in actively shaping change processes towards a learning organization.

Make HR the designer of your modern "workplaces

Support the adaptability of your organization with new working structures. The design of the working environment plays an important role in this. We help you in HR to develop the "Digital Workplace" with New Work concepts.

Use new methods

A new HR organization can be initiated and accompanied by many approaches. With our set of methods, we bring a wide range of ideas to find the right one for you. Together we consider what will move your organization forward, e.g. with the Digital Readiness Check, Change Matrix, World Cafe or Open Space.

Upheaval in organizational development

Michael Plößer, Managing Director, in an interview about change in organizations (video in German)

We bring movement into your HR organization, because standing still is no longer an option.

Cornelia Frühwein, Senior Management Consultant, EMPLEOX

Your added value

Your added value to an adaptable HR organization with our consulting services

Holistic view

By looking at all your HR organizational issues - technological, organizational and strategic - we develop a holistic solution.

Fast optimization

You will be shown optimization potential in a short time - quite pragmatically.

Neutral view from outside

Through our neutral outside view of your HR organization, you gain new insights and approaches.

Pragmatic approaches

Our competent consultants will show you an implementable path through best practice models and concrete recommendations for action.

How do we proceed?

We find the best approach for you to make your HR organization better. Often our consulting includes the following steps:

  • Conduct a site assessment of HR organization, HR processes and culture
  • Uncover optimization potential
  • Present best practice approaches for HR organizations
  • Analyze the future HR organization and create a target picture
  • Identify concrete recommendations for action

The good thing: Everything is possible, nothing is mandatory. We respond individually to your wishes.


You can also book individual modules directly as a package with us:

Analysis of the generation mix
Demographic changes present companies with a variety of challenges, e.g., a shortage of skilled workers and young talent or an aging workforce. It is no longer just about older employees, but about all employees. Together with you, we develop an individual concept for an optimal generation mix for the future. The goal is to uncover demographic gaps in order to derive recommendations for action in human resources management.

New Work Consulting
Concepts on the topic of New Work require a consideration of many HR aspects such as leadership culture, collaboration patterns, employment contracts, employer benefits, risk assessments etc. Together we analyze and revise your New Work concepts in 1-1.5 day workshops with regard to human resources and labor law issues.


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