Well advised: Modern HR process optimization with our expertise

Approach HR process optimization simply

Do you want to standardize HR tasks across locations, harmonize HR processes, transform an HR organization or reposition yourself through digitalization in your HR organization? Process optimization goes hand in hand with changing the familiar. This unsettles many employees. We involve your employees and departments as a fundamental part of the optimization process. So that your processes improve sustainably and are filled with life.

Really good HR processes

When and why does HR process optimization make sense?

HR departments are also under pressure to implement new, often global requirements quickly and securely. These can be requirements for globally harmonized processes, standardization or stricter compliance regulations. And often these are as extensive in medium-sized companies as they are in corporate groups.

In reality, HR organizations often struggle with these aspects, that can be the starting point for HR process optimization:

  • manual creation of documents for employees
  • cumbersome approval procedures, e.g. for vacation requests
  • time-consuming, manual time recording and paper personnel files
  • Time-consuming reporting
  • No globally standardized HR processes
  • No automation of HR processes, such as Onboarding, Recruiting or Performance appraisals
  • lack of agility of HR organization

We as Management consulting design meaningful HR processes together with you for the future. In doing so, we also show you best-practice processes and develop practical options for implementation.

Good processes uncover how much potential there is for innovation in your organization.

Christiane Bleuel, Senior Management Consultant, EMPLEOX

Approach HR process optimization simply

With these building blocks, we help you approach your HR process optimization pragmatically:

1. workshop

The workshop forms the foundation of the process analysis. Here, the processes are described together with the responsible people. At the same time, the roles and tasks of those responsible for the process are defined, and critical, dependent processes and the qualitative degree of networking, including expenses, are analyzed.

2. documentation

The process documentations are the elementary component of the process optimization. They also benefit newcomers or those unfamiliar with the subject to get to know the HR processes. The "Swim Lane" contains the visualized flow of the process optimization, supplemented by the process documentation and the work instructions. We take care of all this for you.

3. review & adjustment

Process optimization should be managed as simply and transparently as possible. The new processes are presented and, if necessary, adapted in discussion with those involved in the process. The aim is for those involved in the process to develop a common understanding and for the process optimization to lead to acceptance.

4. rollout

After jointly agreeing on the processes, they are implemented in the organization. We are happy to accompany your roll-out with professional change management and an information strategy.

Your added value

Your added value with our HR process optimization consulting:

Cost and time savings

Costs are reduced and time saved, e.g. by shortening lead times and HR paths and reducing the resources involved.

Neutral view from outside

Our external view ensures objectivity, openness and independence.

Long-term & sustainable

The process optimization is sustainably aligned by us.

Pragmatic approaches

Our competent consultants will show you an implementable path through best practice models and concrete recommendations for action.


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