Successfully implement data protection according to GDPR in SAP HCM

GDPR package

For the correct implementation of the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) in your company, we have developed a package for you with which you can implement the "right to be forgotten" quickly, easily and securely.


Delete data correctly with the GDPR package

Developed together with customers for customers!

Through numerous customer projects concerning data protection, we have developed a GDPR package that optimally supports the extension of the complete deletion of the SAP standard report (RPUDELPP) with regard to the requirements of the customers. So you are well prepared!

The GDPR package is an add-on for SAP HCM. It includes different products on right of access and data deletion in the context of the EU General Data Protection Regulation. It can be used to complement or replace the SAP ILM solution.

Our package is regularly developed further with new functions and adaptations to changed circumstances.

What the GDPR package contains

Data protection start cockpit

The Data Protection Start Cockpit according to GDPR is a start menu that can be structured according to your needs and makes it easier for you to get started and implement the GDPR. User menus can be created easily and quickly.

Personnel number shredder

The personnel number shredder offers a simple way to completely delete personnel numbers from the SAP HCM system, taking into account the requirements of the GDPR. Based on the SAP standard report for deleting personnel cases, individual or multiple personnel numbers including the associated infotypes, time events, payroll results, integration data as well as customer-specific data can be deleted.

"Intelligent" preselection

The "intelligent" preselection can identify personnel numbers according to GDPR requirements and narrow them down taking into account a wide range of requirements. The result set is directly linked to the other functions of the GDPR package. The "intelligent" preselection makes an important contribution to process efficiency and quality assurance.

Table delete tool

The table deletion tool makes it easier for you to delete data in accordance with GDPR after the respective stored deadlines have expired. By decoupling deletion runs and deletion groups, it is possible to delete related data, such as tables or objects, in one deletion run. This reduces the number of deletion runs by a multiple. Customer-specific infotypes and tables are easily taken into account via customizing.

HR master data sheet

The HR master data sheet clearly summarizes the personal data stored in SAP HCM PA and OM - in a comprehensible and digital form. In this way, you contribute to the duty to provide information or data portability of HR master data.

Auxiliary reports for easy deletion

Useful auxiliary reports improve data quality in preparation for data deletion - quickly and easily. You benefit from the extensive project experience of our consultants.

Partial deletions

For future claims, all data can simply be retained after the deadline. The infotypes and tables still required in the future are included in so-called positive lists via customizing and are not taken into account in the event of a deletion.

GDPR agreements

Using the infotype GDPR Agreements, you can store and document for each personnel number the respective documents regarding data protection that have been acknowledged and/or signed directly by the employee.

Requirements & Availability

  • System environment: as of SAP®-HCM ECC 6.00, EhP4 (SAP NW 7.01)
  • Operating and database system: independent
  • Country versions: independent
  • Currently supported languages: German, English



These are your advantages of the GDPR package

Data deletion made easy

Simple selection criteria and checks before data deletion

GDPR compliant deletion

Select and delete all necessary data easily


Complete traceability of data deletion


Developed together with customers - easy to use

Quick installation

The GDPR package can be imported very easily via SAP transport

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