Well advised: HR digitalization with our expertise

Tackling HR digitalization

The digitalization of business models also influences HR work and HR tasks. Digital thinking and action in HR is required to support your company's goals in the best possible way. Determine your options and a suitable roadmap for your HR digitalization with us.

HR digitalized

Why HR digitalization?

Why digitalize HR at all? HR departments are also increasingly confronted with the question of how they can support general digitalization in the company. Often, the desired digital skills are not yet available among HR managers. And so it often remains unclear how HR can best approach the topic of HR digitalization. For HR, this is an opportunity to lead the way with its own digitalization and thus contribute significantly to the overall success of digitalization in the company. We support you with our Management Consulting.

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Tackling HR digitalization the right way

With our 6 building blocks, we help you implement HR digitalization.

Develop your digital HR strategy

Develop your digital HR strategy with our support. The strategy is important, so that HR initiatives and project can be aligned with it. In doing so, we ensure consistency with the company-wide digitalization strategy. In this way, you become the driver for the digital transformation of your organization.

Determine the digital maturity level of your organization

Use our methods to analyze the digital maturity of your HR organization. Based on the results, you derive the appropriate action measures to successfully drive the digitalization of your HR Processes.

Develop digital skills

Digital competencies are the key to success for the implementation of digitalization projects. In the process, your HR employees themselves must learn new competencies and take on new roles in the digital HR Organization. At the same time, digital competencies should be communicated via suitable HR development measures to your employees and managers. We support you in this process.

Become a digital HR organization

Digitalization requires suitable organizational forms. For the HR organization, digitalization is changing roles and responsibilities: Business partners become transformation partners, new roles such as the digital HR consultant or the HR digitalist are introduced. We support you in setting up your organization accordingly.

Digitalize your HR processes

Lean HR processes are created by optimizing process steps while simultaneously digitalizing them. A digital HR strategy and the digital competencies of those involved help to ensure successful implementation. We support you with potential analyses and our broad experience in the field of HR digitalization.

Establish digital HR change management

With our support, find the right measures to accompany your HR digitalization. Together, we define customized change management measures that fit your project. We will gladly take over the support and implementation of change management for you, or we will enable you in digital change management.

HR plays an important role in digitalization: as a driver of digital transformation, as a facilitator of digital competencies, and as an implementer of digital organizations.

Heike Kolar, Director Consulting, EMPLEOX GmbH

Your added value

Your added value with our HR digitalization consulting:

Competitive advantage

Empowering your HR organization to master the digital transformation

Expertise & knowledge

Professional support of your HR organization towards a digital organization

Knowledge advantage

Digital, actionable competency models and delivery approaches.

Process efficiency

Optimization and digitalization of your HR processes


Using digitalization and change as an opportunity

How do we proceed?

We accompany your HR digitalization from conception to successful implementation. Or whenever you want.

We take into account in equal measure:

  • system-side aspects
  • technology-side aspects
  • structural aspects
  • and cultural aspects
We plan the approach together with you and then work in partnership to achieve your goal of successfully tackling HR digitalization. Simply contact us.


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