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Employees are your most important success factor. But only if they are motivated, deployed in the best possible way and managed by good managers. Identifying the respective individual strengths, recognizing talents and promoting the most suitable ones is the task of performance management.
At the same time, it is important that employees and managers understand and identify with the company's strategic goals. Still, you as a company must be able to make short-term course corrections. The solution is flexible and dynamic target agreement systems.


More performance. More satisfaction. More success.

Companies that, as part of the Human Resources Development regularly track the performance of their employees, can manage them more effectively and respond more quickly and appropriately to changes in the competitive environment.

SAP SuccessFactors Performance & Goals provides employers and employees with a powerful solution to help them accomplish this important task. For goal setting, companies can use the software to define the company's key strategic goals and break them down into individual employee objectives. In addition, there are individual goals that - if necessary - can be adjusted at any time.

Performance appraisals can assess both the what (goals) and the how (competencies). In this context, it is helpful that employees can give a self-assessment. To better align these, the tool can be used to gather employee feedback from a variety of sources. Explicit 360° feedback is also possible, for example with the add-on 360-degree feedback (see flyer in German).

This comprehensive view can also be used to identify competence gaps in the organization and, with the help of SAP SuccesFactors Learning development measures can be defined at the same time.

With the help of this information, the performance of individual employees or entire teams can be compared objectively, e.g. in a calibration across functions or teams. Talents in the company become visible and can then be considered for succession , for example, or receive targeted development plans , e.g., by integrating the module SAP SuccessFactors Succession & Development.

For companies that want to establish a transparent performance appraisal process already during the probationary period of new employees, the digital probationary period form for SAP SuccessFactors Performance & Goals is worthwhile. Click here for the flyer (in German).

Overview of key SAP SuccessFactors Performance & Goals functions

  • Create SMART goals easily and quickly
    The "goal library" of more than 500 predefined goals makes it easy to create employee goals.
  • Keep track of goals
    Managers can set cascading goals that track individual and team progress across the organization.
  • Continuously manage employee performance
    Employees can keep their managers informed about what activities and which goal they are working on and what progress they are making. Regular feedback complements the exchange between managers and employees in this regard.
  • Fairly evaluate employee performance
    Include a variety of evaluations through feedback and 360-degree appraisals. Make writing reviews easier - using writing wizards, configurable forwarding and email reminders as well as deadlines.
  • Identify the talents in your organization
    Use potential and competency assessments to broaden your view of your employees and identify talents that you want to develop in particular.
  • Make learning recommendations
    If you use SAP SuccessFactors Learning at the same time, managers can make specific learning recommendations along with the assessments.


For medium-sized businesses. Independent of any industrial sector.

Performance & Goals from SAP SuccessFactors is ideal for midsize companies: You can set strategic goals and align individual employee objectives with them. In doing so, you retain the flexibility to adjust and shift goals as your business priorities change.

At the same time, many employees place great value on developing themselves through helpful feedback, receiving recognition for good performance, and contributing to the company's success.

Particularly attractive for medium-sized businesses: our Ready-To-Use packages. These deliver preconfigured best-practice processes, midmarket-optimized support services and attractive additional services. You can flexibly choose between fast & affordable or customized at slightly higher costs.


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SAP SuccessFactors is the new generation HR software from SAP. It is delivered as a cloud solution from SAP's state-of-the-art data centers and is easily used via the browser.

Our experienced consultants ensure a reliable implementation of your SAP SuccessFactors system. Our HR Innovation Award-winning Ready-to-use methodology ensures a fast, preconfigured implementation. For roll-outs to other countries, our international partner network UnitedVARs provides support - together we cover over 100 countries. We also offer the Integration into your existing system landscape.

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With our competent project managers, we ensure that your project is successfully supported. In addition, we are happy to offer you support on topics such as HR Change Management, HR Digitalization as well as HR Process Optimization as complementary services.

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With our SAP SuccessFactors Support we support you from roll-out and acceptance management to admin and user training. We are also happy to support you during ongoing operations with updates, release changes and adaptations.


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