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SAP Concur

Booking and accounting for business travel has never been easier. SAP Concur as a travel management system combines travel booking, welfare during travel and expense reporting. Intuitively as a web version or via a mobile app.
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Business travel made easy

SAP Concur enables you to manage all of your travel management centrally and on a single platform - Human Resources Management made simple!

Benefits for the company:

  • Cost control
    Automatic consideration of internal policies for business travel and travel expenses in travel booking options; preconfigured selection lists of preferred suppliers
  • Time savings
    Accelerated submission and approval of travel expenses, automatic transfer of all items to expense reports
  • Better data integrity
    Receipt photos and real-time reports; automatic reconciliation of all credit card data with travel requests and travel bookings
  • Increased employee satisfaction
    Mobile access simplifies business travel; high usability through intuitive operation; minimal training required

Benefits for your employees:

  • Real-time information on flight status, integration of hotels, restaurants and cab companies in appointment planning
  • Booking of hotels, train tickets and flights with preferred suppliers
  • Navigation to hotel or rental car location
  • Create new expense report directly on smartphone, add, edit, delete and manage details
  • Photograph receipts and vouchers and upload them directly into the expense report
  • Submit expense reports on the go and track status

SAP Concur at a glance

The complete solution for your travel management includes the following functions, which you can use individually or together:

Concur Travel & Expense

Business travel bookings and expense management

Concur TripLink

Integration of bookings from third-party systems

Concur Locate

Communication platform

Concur Intelligence

Reporting system

Further information about the modules:

Concur Travel & Expense

This module deals with business travel bookings and expense management. Thus, it is possible to set budget targets for individual trips and create greater transparency by tracking costs transparently. For example, the module offers the option of automatically recording payments with credit cards and assigning them directly to a trip. In addition, thanks to a mobile application and cloud hosting, all information can be accessed at any time and from any location. So you have your data all in one place, accurate and recorded promptly for the finance department.

Concur Trip Link

The module is used to integrate bookings from third-party systems and records all travel data, such as flight or hotel information. All costs are displayed clearly and consistently so that supplier prices can be compared before the trip begins and the best offer selected.

Concur Locate

Concur Locate is the software's communication platform. The tool is particularly useful for well-being, allowing employees to be found and contacted at any time. In the event of an emergency, such as illness or natural disaster, it is possible to provide colleagues with quick and comprehensive support.

Concur Intelligence

This subsystem is a sophisticated reporting system that provides users with all key figures and relevant data from the business travel industry in a clear format. The collected and evaluated data shows the performance and efficiency of the business travel industry on the one hand and serves as a basis for future decisions on the other hand.

The mobility of the future with SAP Concur

Increasing employee satisfaction is one of many reasons why organizations choose the SAP Concur solution.

Paperless, digital, automated, user-friendly, integrated, efficient & simple - the reasons for choosing an SAP Concur solution are many.


Our services

Our SAP Concur Services & Support


As an official SAP Concur Resell Partner, we can offer you a complete service for SAP Concur. Subscriptions, implementation and support from a single source. SAP Concur is provided as a cloud solution from SAP's state-of-the-art data centers and can be easily used via the mobile app. Simply photograph the documents, assign them, send them and you're done.

Our experienced consultants ensure a reliable implementation of your SAP Concur system. For roll-outs to other countries, our international partner network UnitedVARs provides support - together we cover over 100 countries. We also offer the Integration into your existing system landscape.

Project & Change Management:
With our competent project managers, we ensure that your project is successfully supported. In addition, we are happy to offer you support on topics such as HR Change Management, HR Digitalization as well as HR Process Optimization as complementary services.

Application Services:
With our support we assist you with the roll-out as well as admin and user trainings. We are also happy to provide updates and adjustments during ongoing operation.


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