Manage payroll accounting simply & reliably

Payroll with SAP HCM & SuccessFactors Employee Central Payroll

Correct and reliable payroll accounting is still a priority in the Human Resources Management. With our payroll solutions, you can be sure that all your employees get the right pay calculated and paid. One less task for you to worry about.

Payroll accounting with SAP HCM

Payroll (PT)

Scope & Functions

Payroll with SAP HCM Payroll offers among others:

  • Gross payroll with automatic wage determination
  • Full gross/net back calculation
  • Extensive parameterization possibility
  • Free design of the payroll form
  • Data exchange with banks, social security institutions, tax authorities, etc.
  • Standard transfer to FI and CO from SAP
  • Extensive certification system
  • Simulation accounting possible at any time

Complementary especially for Germany:

  • Special tax features including permanence
  • Determination of contributions for health, pension, unemployment, nursing care insurance
  • General DEUEV authorization (DEÜV in German)
  • Garnishment processing with correspondence
  • Net wage calculation (for social security and/or tax)
  • Loan administration
  • Direct insurance
  • Partial retirement



Easy creation of notifications e.g. DEUEV, other wage compensation, A1 (in German DEÜV, EEL, A1)


Comprehensive evaluations, statistics and certificates


Seamless integration with SAP HCM Personnel Administration (PA) and Time Management (PT)


On your servers, in our data center or complete outsourcing with us possible


The salary or wage of millions of employees is processed by SAP software, and has been for many years


Global use possible due to 40+ country versions

With SAP HCM Payroll, you get a comprehensive payroll program that has virtually no limits from a technical point of view.

Edith Baumgartner, Business Consultant, EMPLEOX GmbH

For whom is SAP HCM suitable?

Basically for all industries & all company sizes

We have sample solutions and best-practice approaches for almost all industries and collective agreements and offer you various options for using SAP HCM:

  • Your own SAP HCM Payroll System with implementation and/or Supervision & Support by our specialist consultants
  • Our HCM for rent as SaaS pre-configured SAP HCM system for medium-sized businesses
  • HR Outsourcing on SAP HCM basis by our competent payroll teams - reliable, fail-safe, sympathetic

Our preconfigured solution packages for PA, PY and PT

We have put together preconfigured solution packages for the SAP HCM modules Personnel Administration (PA), Payroll (PY), and Personnel Time Management (PT), which present both the contractual services, the delivery-side services, and the project scope and duration, as well as the associated costs, in a simple and transparent manner.
This enables you to quickly implement the core modules of HR administration PA, PY and PT.

The solution packages are coordinated with each other and can be implemented together or decoupled in terms of time.

You can find more information about the packages in our Flyer (in German).

Also interesting: The PDF mailer for the encrypted sending of HR documents in SAP HCM, such as salary statements. Find details in our Flyer (in German).


Payroll Accounting with SAP SuccessFactors

Employee Central Payroll


With SAP SuccessFactors Employee Central Payroll, SAP also offers SAP HCM Payroll, which has been established for decades, from the cloud as part of the SuccessFactors HCM suite.

This gives you the proven security of SAP HCM with the convenience of the cloud, i.e. without having to take care of the following yourself:

  • no own installation
  • no own maintenance
  • no own operation

The functionalities are therefore largely congruent with those of the "on-premises" version.


Overview in 2 minutes: SAP SuccessFactors Employee Central Payroll


For whom suitable?

EC Payroll is worth considering, if:

  • you already have SAP SuccessFactors Employee Central in use SAP for your master data.
  • you cover your talent management processes with SAP SuccessFactors, e.g. with Recruiting, Performance & Goals or Learning.
  • you generally want to move all your HR processes to the cloud.
  • you are particularly focused on user-friendliness and modern user interfaces.
  • you do not want to invest time and effort in the operation and maintenance of your HR payroll system.



Solutions & Services

Our services & additional solutions

Everything that makes your payroll easier and better.

Payroll simply outsourced

With our HR Outsourcing you save time & internal resources. We take over the payroll accounting for you and are happy to take on even more tasks.

Payroll with HCM for rent

If you want to use SAP HCM Payroll but do not want to operate your own system: SAP HCM for rent as SaaS in our data center incl. our all-round services.

Consistent and correct personnel data

Ensure the high quality and consistency of your HR data in SAP HCM or SuccessFactors - with the Accenture Audit and Compliance Tool (as-a-service).

Implement short-time work technically quickly

With our Implementation package (attached flyer in German) you create the technical prerequisites to map short-time work in your SAP HCM system at short notice.

Reliable support for your SAP HCM

Our HCM Support & Service Center supports you with all your questions regarding the use of SAP HCM.

Reliable support for your SAP SuccessFactors

Our SF Support team will help you with all your questions regarding the use of SAP SuccessFactors.

Turn-of-the-year-activities made simple

With our turn-of-the-year-seminars for SAP HCM, you will be up to date and receive practical tips for secure implementation in the system.

Interested? Questions? Write to us!