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SAP SuccessFactors Compensation & Variable Pay

Employee salaries are the largest cost item in most companies. So do not rely on spreadsheets or emails, but ensure consistent compensation processes. Link the insights of your Human Resources Development directly with your compensation management. The advantage: You can easily access all relevant employee data, such as the last performance evaluation or the relative position of the salary in the designated salary band. This enables you to compensate your employees fairly and in line with their performance.


Your annual salary review could be this simple

Nowadays, employees expect regular salary increases. This is hardly surprising, since the media regularly remind us when major wage agreements are reached how much extra this or that occupational group will now get on top. For employees covered by collective agreements (without voluntary allowances), the process is comparatively simple. Salaries are increased according to the new regulations - done! It is more difficult for companies in the metal and electrical industry that have to award special performance bonuses according to the collective agreement (read our >> flyer to find out which process agreement options we can offer you). And salary increases for non-tariff employees are different again.

Of course, you could apply the scattershot approach for your company here as well and give everyone the same increase. The problem with this is that hardly anyone would find this truly "fair". If you want to differentiate, things get more complicated. Which criteria come into play? Performance? Relative position compared to similar employees? Length of service? And will only permanent increases be distributed, or also one-time payments as known from collective bargaining agreements?

With SAP SuccessFactors Compensation, you can incorporate all of these criteria into the salary review process. As an HR department, you can specify distribution rules, use release loops, and more, in addition to a budget. Managers get an intuitive interface for planning their own employees, providing visibility into where they currently stand salary-wise and how they are performing, while having full control over the pay raise.

Targeted variable compensation

As a company, you can certainly consider whether you want to offer variable remuneration. There are also supporters who prefer to do without it. However, this attitude is usually based on experience with unsuitable systems. And of course the comparison is misleading. There is no question that poorly designed incentive models can be counterproductive. But it is equally clear that performance incentives are fundamentally effective.

In any case, with SAP SuccessFactors Variable Pay, you can implement even complex compensation schemes simply and transparently. From hard and soft targets, subjective evaluations or input data, bonus plans can be implemented with various weightings, curve progressions, and minimum and maximum target attainments.


Put an end to Excel and e-mail

Control remuneration processes securely, conveniently and in line with data protection requirements


Administration of various compensation components such as base salary, bonuses and one-time payments


Adjustments can be made in absolute or percentage terms in the various remuneration components concerned

Budget compliant

Easily set and control budgets and distribution rules


Paying according to performance - more performance, more increase


Powerful, flexible reports and full budget transparency


Implement global compensation programs easily

For medium-sized businesses. Independent of any industrial sector.

SAP SuccessFactors Compensation & Variable Pay enables midsize companies to implement performance-based compensation schemes and to manage salary reviews for non-tariff employees easily and transparently. This is not only more convenient, but also more cost-effective and, in times of General Data Protection Regulations also much safer than resorting to Excel lists and e-mail chains.

You can use the Compensation & Variable Pay module individually or as a fully integrated component of the SAP SuccessFactors Suite. In doing so, you as a company benefit from the possibility of also easily importing evaluations from the module Performance & Goals and master data from Employee Central.

Particularly attractive for midsize companies: Our Ready-to-use packages. These deliver preconfigured best-practice processes, support services optimized for midmarket companies, and attractive additional services. You can flexibly choose between fast and affordable or customized at slightly higher costs.


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SAP SuccessFactors is the new generation HR software from SAP. It is delivered as a cloud solution from SAP's state-of-the-art data centers and is easily used via the browser.

Our experienced consultants ensure a reliable implementation of your SAP SuccessFactors system. Our HR Innovation Award-winning Ready-to-use methodology ensures a fast, preconfigured implementation. For roll-outs to other countries, our international partner network UnitedVARs provides support - together we cover over 100 countries. We also offer the Integration into your existing system landscape.

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