Modern working time recording

Working Time Recording with SAP HCM PT & SuccessFactors Time Management

Recording working hours is more topical than ever. The ECJ ruling has brought the issue back into the focus of companies and Human Resources Management. By recording working hours, you not only ensure that your employees are paid correctly for the hours they have worked. You also ensure that the legal requirements have been verifiably complied with. A good feeling.

Working time recording with SAP HCM

Personnel Time (PT)

Scope & Functions

The module SAP HCM Personnel Time (PT) offers, among other things:

  • Reliable processing of hours worked
  • Valuation of times according to operational requirements
  • Seamless interaction with SAP HCM Payroll Module
  • Automated, rule-based surcharge and deduction calculation
  • Secure mapping of complex time accounts
  • Optional self-service interfaces for employees

The module supports you in achieving the following goals in your company:

  • Secure documentation of working time recording, e.g. due to legal requirements
  • Enable employees to record their working time themselves and also to check or reconcile it
  • Automated control of actual working time versus planned working time
  • Resulting in a quick calculation of time balances and bonuses
  • Enables efficient and flexible capacity planning
  • Can be used to provide the right costs for internal service allocation, according to the costs-by-cause principle

Time management processes are very company-specific. Legal regulations and, if applicable, collective bargaining agreements must always be taken into account. We are happy to advise and support you with our expertise.



Secure processing of hours worked as well as evaluation of the times


Automated and rule-based surcharge and deduction calculation


Seamless integration with SAP HCM Payroll (PY) and Personnel Administration (PA)


Implement even complex time management requirements and regulations securely

Time management is 100% corporate culture.

Klaus-Peter Renneberg, Senior Consultant Time Management, EMPLEOX GmbH

For whom suitable?

SAP HCM Personnel Time (PT) is exactly the right solution if you have complex requirements, e.g. due to company agreements, collective bargaining agreements, etc., or if you use a large number of shift models and working time models in your company.

With SAP HCM Personnel Time (PT) you achieve, among other things:

  • Replacement of Excel-based surcharge and deduction calculations with manual maintenance effort and increased risk of error by automated rules in the SAP HCM system, especially for complex requirements
  • Avoidance of error-prone system breaks between time management and the SAP HCM payroll system (PY)
  • Simplification of reporting and provision of time values to the employee (in connection with ESS portals or time statements via e-mail)

Our preconfigured solution packages for PA, PY and PT

We have put together preconfigured solution packages for the SAP HCM modules Personnel Administration (PA), Payroll (PY) and Personnel Time Management (PT), which present both the contractual services, the delivery-side services and the project scope and duration as well as the associated costs in a simple and transparent manner.
This enables you to quickly implement the core modules of HR administration PA, PY and PT .

The solution packages are coordinated with each other and can be implemented together or decoupled in terms of time.

You can find further information on the packages in our Flyer (in German).

You would like to design PDF time statements individually? Then use our flexible time statement for SAP HCM. With it, a wide variety of time statement requirements can be fulfilled and displayed in a PDF form. No matter whether different logos, individual time accounts, wage types or absence entitlements. Click here for the >> Flyer (in German).

Also interesting: The PDF mailer for the encrypted sending of HR documents in SAP HCM, such as time proof. Find details in our Flyer (in German).

Our additional solutions & services

Everything that makes your working time recording easier and better.

Commenting on working time violations for SAP HCM

Our Fiori App creates transparency and control options for hours worked and for compliance with rest periods. This is a requirement that many works councils have.

Apply for overtime quickly and easily

Our Overtime request app for SAP HCM supports managers and employees in properly requesting overtime and includes the works council in the approval process. Everything digitally and at the touch of a button.

Mobile working time recording for SAP HCM

Uncomplicated recording of working time via mobile Fiori Working time app for SAP HCM Time Management.

Flexible time statement for SAP HCM

Independently and efficiently meet a wide range of time tracking requirements without any programming knowledge. Read more in our Flyer (in German).

Simple attendance report for SAP HCM

Simple requirement, but often not available at the push of a button: Which employees are present right now? Our mobile Fiori Attendance report app provides answers quickly and easily. For SAP HCM Time Management.

Reliable support for your SAP HCM

Our HCM Support & Service Center supports you with all your questions regarding the use of SAP HCM.

Reliable support for your SAP SuccessFactors

Our SF Support team will help you with all your questions regarding the use of SAP SuccessFactors.

Integration of SAP HCM Time Management and ATOSS

The ATOSS Connector integrates SAP Time Management and ATOSS Workforce Scheduling via web service and opens up completely new dimensions for professional workforce management.

Working time recording with SAP SuccessFactors

Time Management


SAP SuccessFactors Time Management provides a simple solution for attendance and absence management - for companies without complex time management requirements.

  • Mobile self-service available from anywhere
  • Integrated as part of SAP SuccessFactors Employee Central: Time Off (attendance and absence management) and Time Sheet (time recording "light" without time clock)
  • Time Tracking (>> link to Flyer in German) as an independent module
  • Real-time information through integration into the SAP SuccessFactors HCM suite

For whom suitable?

Time Management is just right for you if you use SAP SuccessFactors Employee Central ( Payroll) and have relatively simple requirements for your time recording.

The use of the absence management Time Off is particularly useful to give employees and managers an easy way to request leave, illness, etc. We offer an efficient implementation service for this (>> link to Flyer in German).

Time Sheet is especially suitable for recording presences such as home office, business trips, training, on-call duty and overall for simple time management requirements. Here, too, we offer a corresponding implementation package (>> link to Flyer in German).

Our SAP SuccessFactors Services & Benefits

SAP SuccessFactors is the new generation HR software from SAP. It is delivered as a cloud solution from SAP's state-of-the-art data centers and is easily used via the browser.

Our experienced consultants ensure a reliable implementation of your SAP SuccessFactors system. Our HR Innovation Award-winning Ready-to-use methodology ensures a fast, preconfigured implementation. For roll-outs to other countries, our international partner network UnitedVARs provides support - together we cover over 100 countries. We also offer the Integration into your existing system landscape.

Project & Change Management:
With our competent project managers, we ensure that your project is successfully supported. In addition, we are happy to offer you support on topics such as HR Change Management, HR Digitalization as well as HR Process Optimization as complementary services.

Application Services:
With our SAP SuccessFactors Support we support you from roll-out and acceptance management to admin and user training. We are also happy to support you during ongoing operations with updates, release changes and adaptations.